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We spent 5 lovely days in Copenhagen - friendliest city yet

Our room at the Generator Hostel had interesting slide-out lockers under the bunk bedsWhen I saw this, I looked up wildly - were there boulders hailing from the sky? But it's actually a publicity stunt for the restaurant

The park next to our hotel

Rosenborg Castle

I liked the fact that our bed was right next to the window

At Frilandsmuseet - the Open Air Museum. The bus ride out (30 minutes) was really expensive, but the musuem itself was free. Amazingly enough, the museum dates from 1897! Most of the houses had these bed cupboard, tucked away in the living room or kitchen

A millstone was incorporated into the entry of this homeOne thing that struck me is how much smaller rooms were then, even in the houses of fairly well-to-do people

This pond weed has roots that dangle into the water

Sliding windows

There's storage under all these benches

Lots of school groups here

This seemed particularly Danish. It wasn't all that warm, yet the teacher had all these preschoolers take their pants and shoes off and splash in the wading pool. Danes are nothing if not outdoorsy!

This guy is a real thatcher - it's his full-time job at the museum, where the houses have mostly thatched roofs. He was very friendly, and explained everything to us

We did speed trials of running around these rocks
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