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Turin, Verona and Venice for the Easter Holidays.

On our way up towards the Mont Blanc tunnel, we encountered snow, and a wait to get into the tunnel. The kids are happy as long as they can play on the Ipad.

Our first stop was at Issognes Castle. It was a bust - you had to be part of a guided tour to get in, and the guide spoke almost no English. Plus, no photos once we got in.In Torino.

Eric took the kids to the Egyptian Museum while I was at our apartment, suffering from norovirus or something.I thought this poster was interesting - it says "NO to expensive funerals!"

At the Cinema Museum in Torino

Peter signs the guest book

This is the building that houses the Cinema Museum. It's a former synagogue.In the market. We bought some tasty fruit there, at much better prices than the supermarkets. These wagons look kind of archaic, but were in use.

Interesting looking artichokes. Not sure I understand the can't possibly be 10 for 1 Euro?We stopped for hot chocolate at a cafe. It wasn't the hot chocolate we're used to, though - it was the same VERY thick, eat with a spoon chocolate with whipped cream on top that we got in Madrid.

This fancy old-fasioned place is actually a hardware storeThe kids got some chocolate eggs with surprises inside for Easter

The new pope is a big deal here!Via Garibaldi - they say it's the longest pedestrian street in the world

At the Piazza Castello

At the Po river. Previously you were able to take a boat trip (30 hours) to Venice from here

Peter got really into picking flowers everywhere we went.At the monastery Sacra di San Michele, in Avigliana, built on a huge bluff. Supposedly this is where Umberto Eco got the inspiration for the book The Name of the Rose. Luckily it was a sunny day and we had some great views.

The kids and I thought this shadow looked a lot like a dragon
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