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We flew to Israel for the February school holidays

On our first day here, we walk through the Blumfield gardens towards the old city.First view of the old city!

Archeological sites are everywhere. This was on our walk to the old city.

Many stands had pomegranates, they're juiced just like oranges

Jaffa gate

Back at the hotel. In the summer, hanging out on these hammocks would have been nice! It was a little chilly, though.Walking on the old Ramparts

You get a view of the police stables from the ramparts

And...whatever the heck this is! Dummies for training purposes, I guess. Creepy.Peter assiduously picked every flower he saw

Just outside the ramparts was another path that looked interesting too

Some kind of abandoned schoolAgain - ruins and excavations everywhere

We walked past a huge group of orthodox kids playing some very energetic games on this playground.Later on we saw a guy guarding them, further along on the city wall.

More ruins...
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