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Paris in November, and Escalade

Assorted pictures from November, including a trip to Paris

We collected some horse chestnuts, and made little animals by connecting them with toothpicks Halloween loot - a neighbor with kids had a mini Halloween party, which is starting to be a little popular here, and the kids came home with some candy

Kenny was gone for a week at a school camp - these are some pictures from when we picked him up. The camp was held at this somewhat dilapidated mansion Watching a performance

The kids made these masks Kenny participated in the acting and pottery classes

Beautiful surroundings - this goes right down to the lake At a Halloween party held by my work colleague Aamer and his girlfriend

This snake costume has come in handy for years! Kenny's birthday party, at a laser tag place

We took a walk along the northern part of the Toblerone trail (with all the WWII anti-tank structures) Another visit to Chillon Castle - about a year after our first visit

The little beach just next to the castle We spent 4 days in Paris, staying in a rented apartment. It was hundreds of years old (I think we were told it was from the 1600's, though they could be exaggerating), fairly comfortable, with really high ceilings

At the Louvre - it was interesting watching people copy the old masters

At the Mona Lisa. It looks like we're along there, but there were actually loads of people just around us The Louvre had lots of cozy little nooks that you could relax in, and look out the window

Famous view of the gargoyles on Notre Dame. The pictures snapped here probably number in the millions
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