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The Vasilik's visit Spain!

I remember stores like this from my semester in Sevilla. Many grocery stores, like this, sold only dry goods. I'm surprised they haven't gone out of business yet, replaced by larger grocery stores.In El Retiro park

We rented a rowboat at the lake

Gotta stop at playgrounds!

Ad for Chinese langauge program. Really? Chinese? English was not very commonly spoken compared to other parts of Europe, it seems like that would be much more useful.A sign saying, "Before leaving your baby in the street, call us. We'll come to you". Yikes!

Frying ChurrosThere was a constant cat-and-mouse game going on with these African vendors of counterfeit goods. They would keep a constant eye open for police, were always ready to run. What a life.

View from the top of our hotel

Plaza Mayor on a rainy day

The Royal Palace, no pictures allowed inside

The Campo del Moro gardens, behind the royal palace and quite hard to get to

The kids collected a TON of horse chesnuts - in Geneva the season is over already

Lots and lots of street performers in the plaza Puerta del Sol. Many were doing a similar act to this, where there's a hidden metal rod used as a support

Lots and lots of police EVERYWHERE!

This guy did an "escape from my chains" routineTaking the high speed train to Toledo. Toledo was great except for heavy traffic invery narrow streets!

This says "insured for fire". I assume in the olden days, the fire service wouldn't come help with a fire unless you had first paid.Breaks for ice cream - always popular
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