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July trips

Fort l'ecluse, Murten, Châteaux d'Allinges.

Peter with our babysitter Malika A day trip to the Fort l'ecluse, in Leaz, France. It's a neat little fort that has been destroyed and rebuild multiple times over the centuries, this one is from the 1800's.

The roller gates were still functional They had a special kids day when we were there - free admission, plus the kids got to make sundials, do a treasure hunt using radio transmitters, see solar flares on telescopes, AND learn how to do morse code. It wasn't very well advertised, so there were few other kids. The volunteers helping out were very friendly.

Kenny with the radio reciever He finds his first transmitter

Windows were tunneled through about 2 meters of rock. It must have been mainly for air, because not much light could have gotten through. This is where the ammunition was kept.

There were also some art installations, with things like these - cardboard chairs, artsy maps

Trying to find the solar flare Kenny, transmitting morse code

The road now goes through a tunnel right next to the fort, but it used to go straight through the fort until the 1930's We undertook the long, ardous climb up almost 1000 steps to the upper fort. And it's mostly locked off! There's this little area where you get a tiny view, but overall it was rather disappointing

There's still quite a few areas to explore - check out this well Day trip to Murten. It's a cute old walled village, and the tourist office offered a fun kids treasure hunt that occupied most of our time there. Here Kenny is showing off his treasure hunt booklet

Walking on the tower walls

We brought a picnic lunch and ate at this fountain Kenny figuring out another clue

The final destination of the treasure hunt - this tower that had lots of cannonball damage Murten from the lake

On the way home, we stopped at a World War I fort. Basically all that's left are some tunnels in the sandstone that kids love running through
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