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Berner Oberland

A week in the Berner Oberland

We rented a cabin at a campground in Brientz. Kenny and I took a walk to the river leading to Lake Brientz

At the open-air folk musuem Ballenberg I think this was the kids favorite part - banging nails into these stumps. They could have done it for a long time.

We also got to shave these posts and make them pointed

I like these chairs made out of curved stumps

Actually the nail pounding was their second favorite - their favorite was finding a puddle full of tiny frogs So many things were made out of wood only, no metal

An old root cellar And a "working" outhouse.

Before they had closets, this had to do. They had few enough clothes that it worked The little bunnies loved dandelion

17 hours walk from Bern Riding an old fashioned carousel, about a hundred years old

The stream from the mill

Taking a hike from Beatenberg Thank goodness there were wild strawberries! They kept Peter going - he's not a big fan of hiking.

Making charcaol


I made a little cup for Peter to hold his strawberries This whole trail was meant to be very kid friendly, thus the little playgrounds scattered about.
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