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Berner Oberland

A week in the Berner Oberland

We rented a cabin at a campground in Brientz.Kenny and I took a walk to the river leading to Lake Brientz

At the open-air folk musuem BallenbergI think this was the kids favorite part - banging nails into these stumps. They could have done it for a long time.

We also got to shave these posts and make them pointed

I like these chairs made out of curved stumps

Actually the nail pounding was their second favorite - their favorite was finding a puddle full of tiny frogsSo many things were made out of wood only, no metal

An old root cellarAnd a "working" outhouse.

Before they had closets, this had to do. They had few enough clothes that it workedThe little bunnies loved dandelion

17 hours walk from BernRiding an old fashioned carousel, about a hundred years old

The stream from the mill

Taking a hike from BeatenbergThank goodness there were wild strawberries! They kept Peter going - he's not a big fan of hiking.

Making charcaol


I made a little cup for Peter to hold his strawberriesThis whole trail was meant to be very kid friendly, thus the little playgrounds scattered about.
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