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Early Summer

Early Summer

Living room, looking into the playroomI took a tour of the Domain de la Grange at the park next door, open only once a year. Mainly it was a lot of listening to explanations in French that I didn't understand very well, but a bathroom from 1800's was quite interesting.

We went to a rummage sale in nearby Carouge. It's one of the few places where Kenny can buy things with his allowance.At Signal de Bougy, an open air park/playground type area, free but I believe sponsored by Migros, a grocery store chain

Looking down towards GenevaPeter always manages to get his ice creams smeared all over his face

Kenny and Peter and I took a trip to Lausanne, while Eric was in NC

At the museum in LausanneAt the music festival, park de Bastion

The rose garden at Parc la Grange, next to our house. Kids wade in the water all the time

There was a display of political comics along the waterfront, most of them dealing with IraqThe clock at the English Garden

Roasting a pig at a coworker's houseJean came for a visit! She and I went up the Saleve

The inside of the buddhist monastery at the SaleveThere was some kind of community fair at the Parc la Grange. Some interns from the UN were demonstrating an insulated cooker designed for refugee camps

It was NOT very well publicised at all!

A rainbow from our apartment balconyAnother street fair/rummage sale, this one in our neighborhood (Eaux vives)

At Yehan's birthday party. Alison hired a photographer who took some great pictures!
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