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Assorted winter/spring pictures, including Lausanne, Lyon, and Bern.

This skating rink was one of the few good deals in Geneva - free skating, and skate rental only 2 CHFThe bench in the background is supposed to be the longest wooden bench in the world

A model at the Tavel house, one of the oldest houses in Geneva and now a free museum. Geneva was surrounded by massive fortifications until the mdi 1800s.A sledding trip - we were able to take the train up from Nyon.

Old weaponry at the Geneva Museum of Art and HistoryThese fortifications were discovered when excavating for a parking garage close to the old town of Geneva

Peter discusses the fortificationsIn the park next door - Parc de la Grange - after a snowstorm

After a massive wind storm during ice cold weather, this is what you got on Lake Geneva

Rescuing a swan stuck in the ice

Peter gets to go to a birthday party

Back at the Bois de la Batie park - the lake is still frozenThe confluence of the 2 rivers - one glacial, one from Lake Geneva

Sentier de Sous Terre - along the Rhone river. There's some old ruins here, interesting to the kids because of all the lizards basking in the sun there.Old pumping station

Impressive echo under this bridgeA view from the top, including the pumping station and the Jet d'eau in the background

Another view of the merging of the Arve and RhoneWe took the train to Nyon. It was a very short train ride - only about 10 minutes
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