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The Vasilik family visit Amsterdam!

The first thing you notice in Amterdam is there are bicycles everywhere!There are parking structures dedicated to bicycles.

We frequently saw a mom or dad with two kids on their bike, with a setup like this:A whole family can ride this one!

Bikes tended to be very "old school". No gears (the terrain is flat). Usually no hand brakes. And, we were told that "nice" bikes stood out and would be a target of theft.The building with the awnings was our hotel: Hotel de Munck. Expensive, old, primitive. Very nice receptionist. He even lent us his personal power adaptor the first night after we discovered none of ours would work.

Everywhere there are special bike lanes. You have to be careful not to wander into them.In the nearby park, we found what looked like an old felled tree, but it really was made out of metal!

A special track for walking your bike up the steps.A "coffeeshop". We never actually went in one but they were everywhere.

Plus lots of places selling paraphernalia.Healthy snacks.

Dam Square.There were a lot of "performers" in the square. These weren't the standard "living statues", they were very low rent and low skill.

Later there was a protest against China concerning an "East Turkistan".Here, the cops seem to be checking their credentials.

We took a the standard canal tour. Nice to sit for a while.A canal boat turning around.

We saw alongside one of the canals. They're a big competitor of Expedia.The old locks to the inner city. Now obsolete because of another set of locks covering a wider area.

There were ships like these which are floating hotels.New construction. The one second from the right is the new library. Very nice.

When we visited the library, we saw this Mouse MansionFrom the top floor of the library

Floating Chinese restaurant.Houseboats everywhere.

Evidently, the city limits the number of houseboats to about 2,500.
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