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The Vasilik's spend four days in Rome.

At our hotel, the Residenzia Frattina. We were told that the building dated from the 1600s.The ceiling in our hotel room looked like the original wood

At the Trevi Fountain.

The Pantheon - the best preserved example of a Roman monumentThe Pantheon has a big hole in the ceiling. Apparently it's quite interesting to be in here when it rains.

The parliment building

Familiar, friendly McDonalds. This McDonalds is MUCH cheaper than the one in Geneva - it actually had hamburgers and cheeseburgers for 1 Euro, about 1.30 USD.

These ladies were advertising a particular ski resort, I think.At the Spanish Steps

We rented one of these 4 wheel electric bikes to go around the Villa Borghese park

Kenny bargained with on of these vendors for a little squishable ball.At the Coliseum. Very crowded, and much of it was closed off.

Views from the COliseum to the Roman Forum, which I enjoyed much more

This worker was scrapping away at the cement workIt would have been really cool if we could have gone down into the passages beneath the COliseum.

In front of the Roman Forum

Roads, rutted from actual Roman chariots!
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