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Montreux and Chillon Castle.

Day trip to Montreux and the Chillon Castle

Our first trip on the train. Kenny and Peter are quite excited.Vineyards cover the landscape on the way there.

Cool cairn sculptures in Montreux.Sylvia thought these park chairs looked interesting.

Tribute to Freddy Mercury.The walk along the lake to Castle Chillon.

The Castle!

The main courtyard.Token knight in shining armor.

A Micrsoft Surface?Of course they make their own wine!

Kenny simulating an archer.In the bowels of the castle.

Lord Byron was here.

Executions took place here. Many "witches" were held in the castle prior to "confession" and execution.Nothing like some good-ole torture.

Remnants of the structure when the castle was built.Cool shadow movie playing on a wall.

They had a nice lunch room. 3.60 CHF for a bottle of diet coke from a vending machine!Cool fountain in the courtyard.

The main tower.There were stairs *everywhere*.

Kenny has a light and a dark side.Every room seemed to have a large fireplace.

A display of trunks.
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