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Geneva, Switzerland

The Vasilik Family moves to Geneva. The first three weeks.

Peter posing with our checked luggage in Seattle.The 747 which will take us to Heathrow where we will catch a plane to Geneva.

Eating lunch (dinner? time is all screwed up for us at this point) at Heathrow. Our gate is not announced until about 45 minutes before departure!

After a "night" of "sleep" we walk around the area our temporary apartment is located.The swans of Lake Geneva.

The Jet d'Eau.

More swansA really neat "playground" on the lake which features climbing apparatus made out of old bicycle tires.

Kenny looses a tooth. Is there a tooth fairy that deals in the Swiss Franc? I think so ...

Checking out public transport. The tram is a quick way to get around.Sylvia is surprised to find a lot of graffiti around the city. I guess this defines it as an urban center!

Checking out the local Ikea where we bought lamps for the kids to read in bed.Can't leave Ikea without getting hot dogs!

On the second weekend, we went to Le Salève, a small mountain in France, just outside the Geneva border. You can see the gondola in the upper right of this picture.We went with Paige, a work colleague from Expedia.

A meadow near the top.As the afternoon wore on, the clouds started to clear.

On the bus going back home.Visiting the Natural History Museum near the apartment. Great selection of stuffed animals.

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