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Spring/Summer 2010

Grandparents Visit, Camping Trip.

At Golden Gardens park It's a zoo!

Kenny loves finding sea creatures. This is at Seahurst park in Burien Moon snail egg case

This funny blob of gel was all over the place. It was the egg case of the spotted Aglaja At Peter's preschool, the fire truck came by for a tour

Doing a boy scout rocket event Peter is happy with his new trike

School field trip to Alki Beach at a very low tide day

Scott and Anna's wedding at Jean's house

The lovely bride A rainy Memorial day bbq "outside"

A Father's Day/Field Day celebration at school Baby clam of some sort at Seahurst park

Kenny and Mom Kenny has quite the collection of Star Wars figureines

At the Pacific Science Center butterfly house Pictures with Eric's new Iphone

Kenny goes kayaking At the Greenwood car show

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting! Eric made black forest cherry cake for Peter and Grandma's birthday At Forest Park in Everett

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