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Winter/Spring 2010

Weekend at the beach, a day in the life, bike rides, zoo trips, Easter,

Kenny loses a tooth!Nice sunset picture

Kenny and I went with Ilana and Benji and a number of her friends and their sons, to a seaside vacation home near Hansville, WA. We were lucky to have one very sunny day. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot, and so did the moms!

Awesome rope swing!

We went hunting for geocaches, and actually found one.

Kenny did the YMCA Pinewood Derby

A "Day in the Life" of Peter and Kenny - just like I did many years ago when it was just Kenny. Kenny usually wakes up very early and comes and hangs out in the living room with me.

Peter, waking up

Kenny, playing around whiel getting dressedThe kids get to watch a show on TV while I work out

Peter loves the rope swingPicking today's clothes
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