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Trip to Maui

The Vasilik's spend a week at the Grand Wailea on Maui.

We stayed at the Grand Wailea resort. There have pretty extensive and elaborate grounds there with quite a bit or art.We ate breakfast on our balcony.

There's a great walkway along the shore. We spent time checking out the tidepools.

One day we drove up to Haleakala National Park. Zero to 10,000 feet in just a couple of hours!The GPS agrees.

The observatories at the top.We also went to the 'Iao Valley State Park. This is the 'Iao Needle, "The phallic stone of Kanaloa, Hawaiin god of the ocean."

Three out of four 'aint so bad ...While we were there, it started to rain very hard. The kids liked it though. Warm hawaiian rain beats cold Seattle rain any day.

At a mall, we found this huge vending machine selling some kind of skin product.Later that night we walked by and in the Four Seasons hotel where we stayed 6 years ago when Dinarte Morais brought us there for his 40th birthday. It was raining off and on.

One day we enjoyed the brunch at the Grand. Peter loves strawberries.Kenny and Eric visited the Cane Sugar Museum.

There is an old but very active sugar will there.The old equipment used to collect the cane for the mill.

A traditional Portuguese Oven used to cook practically everything and, as I was told, even used to heat houses!Kenny Soup!

A hand driven cane press.Looking into the sun never yields good pictures.

The Grand's beach is fantastic.We checked out the Kealia Pond Boardwalk.

Where we met Dr. Leisure (George Harker). A very friendly fellow. He seems to be an expert on nude beaches.We spent an afternoon in Lahaina. The banyan tree near the court house is the largest on Maui. It was planted in 1873.

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