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Fall 2009

Camp Orkila, Pumpkin Carving, Seabrook, Camp Coleman, Kenny's birthday, Halloween

Playing a homemade musical instrumentKenny's birthday breakfast

Playing with leavesKenny's birthday party

Coal Pit Road at Cougar Mountain State Park. We went here hoping to pick up some clay to make some sculptures with. This is the clay pit at the end of the road - from which apparently they make bricks (or at least, used to

There were insect husks all over these reeds. At first I thought they were still alive, and had Kenny sneak up on them quietly.

This will be an interesting place to do some more exploring.Kenny set the table all by himself - and got Peter in the high chair!

At a Mariners game, sponsored by Murphy and Assoc.Kenny's first day of school! Needless to say, there were lots of cameras around.

Peter, in a paper crown made by Kenny

For the second year, we went to the YMCA Camp Orkila, on Orcas Island, for Labor Day weekend. Lots of fun - even though the weather was not ideal. Here, some kids gave Peter a crab to play with.On the bus to the camp

This was our cabin. A little dark inside (all of them are) but very close to the water

Kenny loved the bb guns...and the clay crafts
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