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Projects, Google picnic, various outings, redecorating the kids room, camping

We did a cool project from Family Fun magazine - cut the bottom off a water bottle, rubber-band some terry-cloth fabric to it, wet it, and dip in dishwashing liquid. Then you can blow into it, and make these long soap snakes...The Google picnic - tons of activities, lots of fun for the kids, out in North Bend. It never did get very crowded.

Making a green apple frog, with grape toes.

Playing with the water tray on the deckWe went to a Shakespeare play at Luther Burbank park on Mercer Island. The kids were pretty good (we took lots of snacks - I think that was the key!)

Preparing to paint in the kids room - unfortunately it covered up the beautiful murals that Ann painted for the kids.This is the modified bicycle that Google Maps is using to get pictures of areas such as parks, where you can't take a car.

Ballons were a big hit in our household - Kenny can blow them up by himselfKenny and I did a hike from our front stoop, down the roads and paths through our neighborhod, down to Coal Creek Parkway, and up another trail from there, where Eric and Peter met us. We got the idea from the Weist family. Now whenever we drive by a certain dip on Coal Creek Parkway, we remember crossing it on our hike.

Kenny spotted this deerThe Tan's house

Interestingly trimmed shrubsThe beginning of the trail

A tunnel under Forest DriveWe found a great huckleberry bush

The creek that we followedAfter crossing Coal Creek Parkway, there were lots of old-looking bridges


Sleeping on the deckThe big bag of Duplo legos that I got from a garage sale have proven to be a big hit
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