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Spring 2009

Daycare show, Vashon Island, Kelsey Creek Festival

Kenny's daycare show We watched Kenny participate in a show from his daycare. Peter enjoyed it too!

Kenny's at the end here: Kenny and Eric found a geocache hidden close to our local playground

At the robotics competition, Seattle Center It's amazing how many teams were competing, from all over

Peter and Kenny enjoying the Pacific Science Center

Peter really enjoyed splashing at the rock bird bath, at the Blatts

Geocaching at Seward Park Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa

A day trip to Vashon Island. Lots of motorcyclists were out enjoying the weather

The Seattle PI is now out of business... We saw some really nice looking lenticular clouds off Point Robinson. They were being blown off Mount Rainier.

Kenny and Eric, finding another geocache Squinting into the sun

Eric the sculptor Peter and Kenny had fun playing on the trees

Kenny got a cool puzzle at the "Bring your child to work" day, at Google

As always, the food was great! At the ever popular Kelsey Creek Farm Festival

Peter on an antique tractor
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