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Club Med Ixtapa

We visited the Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico, for a week

At the crocodile pond Peter at the beach

Kenny demonstating his soccer skills Kenny being swung by the trapeze man

Kenny's all set for the flight with his teddy, dvd, and some juice. The circus/trapeze setup at Club Med

The Club Med beach is great - huge, pretty private, not too wavy. The Club Med accomodations

This is where we stayed last time we were here, 4 years ago

The main lobby I always tell Eric, please show your teeth when you smile, but he rarely does!

One of the lifeguards caught an iguana Kicking a soccer ball with Peter

Peter at the playground

At the crocodile pit at Playa Linda - Kenny's pretty flushed with the heat

There were also lots of iguanas around This is another all-inclusive club, just north of Club Med

We ended up walking back to Club Med along the beach Passed some boarded up houses/hotels

We told Kenny that this is where Mexican boys on a time-out went. I don't think he believed us. The Miramar Bar at Club Med

Sunsets were so uniformly gorgeous that we almost became immune to them
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