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Christmas 2008

After some snow delays (were going to leave the 22nd, ended up leaving the 26th!), we made it to North Carolina for Christmas

On a Segway Snowy days cause delays! The snow was nice, but it wasn't so nice to have our flight cancelled.

Christmas at home

We were invited to the Lucas family for Christmas dinner

At Eric's parents in Asheville, with Petra and her dog Forest Peter always headed straight for whatever interested him - which was usually whatever made the biggest mess!

Ho, ho, ho! Santa came to visit us, even though were were late!

Peter helping Grandma with a present

Peter and I went for a walk on the driveway later on...

Visiting at my mother's house in Charlotte - Alex and Juanita Mom with Peter

Kenny and his cousin Conrad.

The next day we took a Segway tour of the NC Arboretum. We had some gorgeous weather for it. By lucky chance it was just Eric and me on the tour.
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