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Kenny's birthday and grandparents visit from North Carolina!

Peter chases a laser At Kelsey Creek Park

Peter at Gymboree Kenny shows what he can draw for Grandma and Grandpa

At the Woodlawn Park Zoo The Komodo Dragon

The bears were the main attraction - they jumped into the water and splashed around

Going on the carousel

Kenny got a huge Playmobile castle for his birthday from Grandpa and Grandma Then we cut up a pumpkin

Out for trick-or-treating For Kenny's birthday party, we had 12 kids here!

Ann drew this pirate, and we played "pin the patch on the pirate Eric's father Ken, with Kenny and Peter

Kenny got a huge playmobile castle set for his birthday Playing party games at Kenny's birthday party

At the Museum of Flight. They have a cool pedestrian bridge over to the airpark We got to go inside the concorde

The cockpit of the concorde Air Force One plane

A shot of the inside of the museum

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