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September and October

Some trips to the zoo, a houseboat tour, lots of kid picture

Playing with a Lego Mindstorm Kenny gives Peter a ride on an old sheet

Kenny keeps pace with a leopard at the Woodlawn Park Zoo

Face painting at the zoo

The grizzlies were in fine form I went on the Seattle Floating Home Association Tour, and got to see lots of houseboats. Loved it! Just the opportunity to walk down some of the docks (which are normally locked) was great.

Lots of them had rooftop decks Eric and I kayaked by this houseboat recently...

This houseboat was the one on the tour. There was quite a line of people to get in, since there was so much to see there. It was a very expensive luxury houseboat, with lots of interesting features (like a basement). I really liked the floor - polished concrete with rocks in it. It looks inexpensive, but according to the architect of the house (who was there) it turns out it's actually very expensive. Funny...normally you want to have something that is inexpensive, that looks expensive.

Very fine finishes everywhere This was in the basement. Hard to believe, a houseboat having a basement. I guess it's basically just a boat, really.

And this is the porthole in the basement The rooftop deck of the really expensive boat...

I like the look of steel commercial-style exteriors. This houseboat had a window down to the floats

Very nice built in cabinetry

Interesting entryway "rug"

One of the houseboats had a granite slab made into a table. I like the durability, classic looks, clean lines. But it must be a pain to move!
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