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Sleepover, houseboats, and Camp Orkila

Kenny does bouncy tricks

Another beautiful sunset Kayaking around Phantom Lake with IlanaMoonrise

Kenny is excited to have Benji and Marina are over for a sleepover

Kayaking in Lake Union with Eric - as usual, I love looking at the houseboats

These guys had the really neat idea of having garage-door style doors, opening out. That way the open space is both a covered deck (when you have the doors open) and regular indoor space (when the doors are closed). Interesting.Like the colors on this one.

Headed to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island

The cabin we stayed in was a lot like this, but further into the woods, so it was MUCH darker (emphasis on the dark - you couldn't see inside without a flashlight)

Lots and lots of deer were on the groundsThe campfire theater (though there wasn't a campfire, since the smoke apparently always blew right into the audience) A walk at sunset

There was a game group for preschoolers on Saturday morning. Lots of silly games involving massive amounts of running around
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