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Fort Flagler

We went on an overnight camping trip to Fort Flagler State Park. Lots of hassle camping with the kids, but worth it.

We took a camping trip to Fort Flagler State Park, on the Olympic Penninsula. Beautiful place, weather was great. This was organized the the Mothers and More group that I belong to.

Eric likes doing this to Peter's pants

Kenny, measuring out a tree with his armsEric snoozing on the beach

Another interestingly shaped log. A grimacing goat?Kenny's pants got completely wet, so he's in his underwear

This was right across from our campsite

Peter enjoyed playing in the tent. I enjoyed it too, because it was safe there!

Kara's campsite was the central hang-out spot for the Mothers and More group

Kenny and I walked around in the woods the next morning

At breakfast
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