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Late April

Gasworks Park, Gene Coulton Park, making donuts

A model boat race at Gene Coulon park Kenny and Peter playing in the closet

Testing the suit Kenny will wear for his Aunt Petra and Uncle Kevin's wedding The easy way to make donuts - use large size refridgerator biscuits, fry them, then shake in a bag with sugar and cinnamon. No, not healthy, but yummy and fun to try. They're a bit salty.

Shake, shake, shake! At Gasworks Park with Denise Steiner

Neat grasses

This police boat did a training exercise while we were there

Denise with baby Jil Peter taking a few very small steps

Rolling down the hill

At Gene Coulon park in Renton There happened to be a model boat race going on

A turtle, with the Boeing building in the background

At the playground The entry to the Boeing area
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