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Christmas 2007 with Eric's family in Asheville

Making gingerbread cookiesPeter rocking back and forth

My 40th birthday!Santa gives out presents with help from Kenny

Peter is entranced by a Christmas ornamentKenny and Conrad sweeping

Kenny and Conrad playingTrying to get a few good shots for a Christmas photo

Kenny made a gingerbread house from a kit, with a lot of help from dad.

Grandma and PeterWith uncle Brian too...

The Vasilik's houseThere's a new development behind their house. So far, only one house has been built and it hasn't sold yet. But there's lots more plann ed.

The house for sale, from the backMaking gingerbread cookies with Grandma and Petra

Kenny in front of a Christmas Tree at the Grove Park Inn, where we went to see a gingerbread house show.The winning gingerbread houses had already been taken away to NYC for the Today show.

Back of the Grove Park Inn

Grandpa and Peter

Opening the adult presents on Christmas EveAnn, surrounded by her presents
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