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Early November

Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, Kenny's birthday party

Me on the giant swing at Camp OrkilaFeeding chickens at Kenny's birthday party

Blowing out the candles at Kenny's birthday partyPeter likes his new Jumperoo

I went with a group from Eastside Mothers and More to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, for an event called the Women's Wellness Weekend. It was a blast, with lots of friendly people and fun activities. This was our cabinTaking a tour of the camp - Deer were everywhere

These are the cabins that kids stay in during summer camp. They're pretty primitive, but I'll bet it's lots of fun to stay here.This camp has lots and lots of waterfront

The view from Cathedral Rock

Michelle doing some archery

On a ropes challenge course

Getting ready to do the giant swing - we all had to pull the "swinger" up


Self portrait on the dock

Part of the Eastside Mothers and More groupGetting ready to take the ferry back to Anacortes
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