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Going to birthday parties, visiting Olympia, new scooter

Kenny zooms around on his bike Kenny skips

Kenny on the bike, me on my scooter Eric on the scooter

Peter is starting to grab things Kenny on the merry go round

Kenny "reading" Kenny and Rochelle playing on the cardboard box

There was a Hindu festival at Marymoor park that we checked out

We went to Olympia just for a lark - we've never seen the state capitol before The doors have some very ornate carvings

Lots and lots of marble

This is where our laws get debated and passed Peter gets a diaper change...

Kenny in front of the state seal

Kenny takes his first picture! Kenny takes his second picture!

Okay, give the camera back now! Eric used to work for Ross Hunter

At a playground in Olympia. This is one of the few times I'm wearing the Baby Bjorn

Some houseboats
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