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Kenny and I take a trip to Decatur Island

Grinding corn Kenny golfs

Kenny and Kenji learn that 15 is not evenly divisible by 2 On the see saw

A pirate treasure map The treasure is found

At Kelsey Creek Park - shelling corn On the taxi ferry to Decatur Island to spend a few days with the Price family - Kayoko, Randy, Kenji, and Kimi

A view of the pond in the backyard A local on the island had build an amzing pirate ship, complete with crow's next, a hold with treasure chest, and a cabin

Poking jellyfish

A fort on the beach, made of driftwood. A driftwood deer on the Decatur golf course

Kenji is a great golfer - he actually got par on a hole, with a 17 ft put! Kenny, learning how to hold a golf club

Bouncing on a tree limb

A driftwood see-saw On the pirate ship

Their truck on the island Taking a walk at Decatur Northwest

Kayaking with Kenny

On their way to find a pirate treasure map

Found it!
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