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Generally just hanging out, waiting for baby #2 to be born...

Musicians at the Folklife Festival Kenny can actually climb this all by himself now!

A race at the Concrete Canoe Festival Climbing into a concrete canoe

Swinging with no hands Kenny perfects his golf swing with Grandpa

A mini string trio Making Egg in a hole

At Chism Beach Park

Dessert on the deck

In this view shot of Seattle from our house, you can see the foothills before the Olympics. They're usually not visible. At Forest Hill park with some friends - from the left, Kenji, Kenny, Kimi, and Jack

At the "Concrete Canoe" competition on Lake Sammamish. First time I've heard of concrete canoes. It's a competition participated in by the engineering department of many universities. They had some activities for little kids - in this one, you make your own little boat of tinfoil, and then see how much you can load in it before it sinks. Creating "slime" with white glue and borax

The concrete canoe races Kenny carrying the picnic bag by himself

One of the teams They had to be very careful climbing in...

Lunch at Salish Lodge Look ma, no hands!

Picking strawberries in the front yard Pudding with Benji and Marina

Hanging out with Rochelle
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