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May 2007

Snoqualmie Falls, Fort Worden

Kenny had fun at the YMCA family night There's a short little train ride you can take at Snoqualmie, just down to Salish Lodge.

Walking the rails Visiting the Lucas family

Kenny dances Using the water rocket

Kenny jumping on a new inflatable mattress We bought a pop-gun

Playing legos The pipes at Snoqualmie Falls

Kenny and Eric at the base of Snoqualmie Falls. I think Kenny is a little shy about having his picture taken by a stranger (I didn't go down)

The big old log at Snoqualmie

Visiting the Lucas family

At a playground

We had dinner at Maggiano’s. Long wait. At Lewis Creek Park

The ferry on the way to Fort Worden, for Memorial Day weekend with the Christensens

Kenny and Katie Alison and their 14 month old baby Liz.
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