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Feb/March 2007

Not many park outings (there was a lot of rain!) but we still managed to have fun.

Games at Max's birthday partyMax slaying a dragon

At the Somerset Elementary School playgroundJean and Kenny reading a book

Singing "Yankee Doodle"Making heart shaped pancakes for Valentines day

Kenny gets a new bed!

Dressing up...At Max's birthday party

Denise devised a lot of little games for the kids to play

She also sewed the capes and undercapes, and made the cardboard shields to decorate

Yummy ice cream birthday cakeKenny was "knighted"

The kids with their knight paraphaneliaAt the children's museum in Everett - they had the interior of a jet plane

Preparing for a bat mitzvah

Eric looking handsome in his wedding suitKenny got to take apart a broken flashlight

At the Somerset Elementary School playgroundKenny and Gabrielle are big buddies

Kenny and I went to Lewis Creek Park. Since I forgot the bug collecting jar, we decided to collect "treasures", and take pictures of them. Number one - a pencil!Some daisies
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