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Late 2006

Windstorms, parties, and Christmas!

Video of Kenny on the balance beam at Evan's birthday partySleepover with Benji and Marina

Playing Headsprount, an online learning gameUnwrapping a Christmas present

More presentsDoing a puzzle with Jean

Kenny on the balance beamKenny gets sulky sometimes nowadays

Tessa's birthday party

At the football game with John and DinarteHannah and Kenny

Checking out the game with binocularsCutting down the tall evergreen tree in a neighbors house.

'Kenny' in orange peelKenny was sick over Thanksgiving, and spent 3 days on the living room couch

RecoveringA snowman on the deck

Decked out with wooden spoon arms...Kenny with daddy's gloves

Out in the snow along I-90 with Benji and MarinaA visit from Bonnie and Jake, our former next door neighbors

Kenny and the newest addition to their family, Marie!Windstorm 2006! The power went out for about 18 hours at our house, because of a massive windstorm. We were lucky, though. For some people in the area, the power was out for days! The Eastside was particularly hard hit. The temperature went to 57 degrees inside, so we bundled up.

Cooking macaroni and cheese outside using a burner and the propane tank from our grill.

Newport Drive, towards the library, was closed for many daysThis is the road that goes by Tyee Middle School
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