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Summer 2006

Enjoying another great summer in Bellevue

Kenny bouncing to the music at the daycare picnic Pulling a kite around

Bubble wars Drawing a picture

Biking on Lk Washington Blvd Swinging at Seward Park

Making pancakes Playing in the pool on the deck with Jack

At the daycare picnic At the Bellevue Art Fair

Kite festival at Sand Point. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind.

Kenny did get to make his own kite, though He had fun pulling it around

Potluck at Chism Beach Park

Yuliya, on the left, has babysat a lot for Kenny Some great sunset pictures at Chism

We had a Blue Angels picnic on the deck - here doing bubbles with Benji and Marina

With Priyanka and Ilana and kids When the Blue Angels are flying, the boats jostle for the best spots right underneath their flight path. This is a picture through the telescope.

Kenny getting a haircut - he actually stayed fairly still this time Visiting Mt Rainier with Rich and Jane and kids
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