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Fremont Fair, Redmond Derby Days, birthday parties, Fourth of July, Whidbey Island weekend

Kenny doing the wheelbarrowDoing bubbles

The Stomp rocketAt the zoo

Tractor at the zooEric, on stage

Eric on stage, part IIPranev's birthday party

Kenny and Benji and Marina, on paradeJumping on a big pile of pillows

Riding Sue's pedal kayakOn the beach

Kenny knows how to enjoy an ice cream coneWacky cars at the Fremont Festival

Taking a load off in one of these very comfortable hanging chairsA lot of people with strange viewpoints converge at the Fremont Fair

These yummy looking treats are, believe it or not, actually for dogs!Representative of a nudist colony in Issaquah

Preparing for a Thai paradeKenny enjoying a free sample of applesauce. Some of the natural food companies were giving away tons of goodies.

The ScientologistsThis one was a shoe-in to win the wacky car contest...

Car covered with old floppy disksThis one was a hit with Kenny (note all the matchbox cars on it)

More fun cars

Kenny having fun on the bouncy toys
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