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Eric's 41st Birthday

Birthdays, Northwest Folklife Festival, various park outings

Playing in the fountain at the Seattle CenterAnother fountain video

Street musicians playing the the washtub bassKenny eating bbq - can I have some more of that please?

Seth flying his new model helicopterKenny riding a bike

Another bike videosYet another bike videos

Juggling at Kelsey Creek ParkAt the Northwest Folklife Festival

The young hippie area

Various street musicians

Kenny enjoying some bbqGiant dandelion (I know it's not actually a dandelion, but I'm not sure what it is) at Mangusun park

Seth with his new model helicopterTraining flight with Anya

Riding Jack's bicycle at Kelsey Creek ParkKelsey Creek Park again

For Eric's 41 birthday, we did "make your own ice cream sundae" party at Kelsey Creek Park

From the left - Parker, Kenny, and Max. Kenny ate as much ice cream as anyone.

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