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May 2006

Parks, birthday party, daytrip to Fort Warden, biking

Calling all froggiesPlaying with a parachute

Two methods of clam digging - shovel and clam gunUsing the clam gun

Kenny's first bike ride

He loved the helmet, and didn't want to take it off.Helicopters in our neighborhood

Kenny picked a huge dandelion at Lewis Creek ParkBoardwalk at Lewis Creek Park

Birthday party for IgnacioRochelle and Jeff were at the party, too

Kenny loved playing in the ball pitPhoto op - it was a very large party!

Kenny asleep in our bed. Cute picture, but this was the beginning of short virus, with a high fever

Digging for clams with Melanie and her mom at Ocean Shores

Our haulThe end result - clam fritters

This picture of the Seattle skyline is unusual in that you can see the foothills before the Olympics, and just beyond Seattle. I've never seen them so clearly before

Biking with Kenny - Lake Sammamish State Park areaKenny's favorite park was snacking at the boat launch

A long straight stretch of the new rail trail

Kenny in his carrierA day trip to Fort Warden and Port Townsend - great view of the shipping cranes from the ferry
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