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Sledding, parks, Portland

Sledding at Snoqualmie Pass Kenny does a flip

Kenny on the seesaw More fun on the seesaw

This jacket was a favorite, but the coating is peeling off, and it's no longer waterproof. I took this picture in lieue of keeping it for sentimental reasons. Visiting at the Lucas's new house

I arranged a visit to the local fire station with some other Somerset moms. Kenny was very excited

Giving Rochelle a towel ride in the kitchen Doing some sledding in Snoqualmie Pass! Kenny sure didn't like getting snow in his face.

At Kelsey Creek Farm

When you can't climb into the tractor, we can at least stand next to it.

These horses were exchanging little nibbles. A woman who worked at the farm said that they feel spring in the air.

Eric got a new car. Visiting Judy and Chris, and their 4 year old, Sally in Portland. This is at the Chinese Gardens

The teahouse

Lots of intricate stone inlay work. Workers were brought in from China for many months at a time.
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