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Caribbean Cruise!

We took a cruise to the Caribbean with Eric's family at Christmas

Train at the Orlando AirportOur room on the ship

Playing games with Kenny to amuse him at dinnerSanta Claus arrives on the ship

Getting a present from SantaKenny ripping open a present

Playing with his new toysKenny playing with Eric's Rubiks Cube

PLaying with Uncle KevinA woman won the belly-flop contest

Arriving in AntiguaOur taxi driver on the ride to Nelsons Dockyard was very talkative

The bridgeKenny playing shuffleboard

Kenny plays more shuffleboardFirst time Kenny has clapped at the appropriate time, at a show

At the spray park on LabadeeWalking through the craft market at Labadee

The waiters at dinner would often do a little "show" - walking around with clapping, and maybe singing.Kenny and I, getting some exercise on the 4th floor deck, which was usually pretty quiet.

The Cruise Comix doing a juggling show... and some bubble magic

...more bubble magic...still more bubble magic

On the plane. It went pretty well with Kenny - luckily we were able to take some breaks to walk up and down the aisle.The plane had an upswept wingspan. Later I read in the airline magazine that it's an innovation that saves fuel.

There was a beautiful train between terminals at the Orlando AirportWe spend the night in Orlando, to not have to do all the travel in one day
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