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San Juan Island

We took a weekend trip to San Juan Island

Strange hallway at our hotel Watching the alpacas

Watching a jellyfish The moving sculpture at the sculpture garden

A demonstration of how barrels were made A smithing demonstration

An accordian player Kenny jumps

Jumping on the bed back home At American Camp on San Juan Island

Watching a line of ants marching across the path Kenny says "cheese" for the camera now!

The Spring Tree restaurant on San Juan Island, formerly owner by a coworker of Eric's is now an art museum. Intertwined branches of the tree

At a restaurant for lunch These little vehicles that you can rent were everywhere on San Juan Island

The hallway at the Best Western that we stayed at in San Juan was like none that I've ever seen - it had a bend in it every 20 or so feet, but you could still see all the way to the end. A Alpaca hobby farm - the owner was very nice and invited us to walk around and see the alpacas. They had a gift shop as well, selling costly alpaca wool items.

They were cute little beasties

At Roche Harbor, prepping for a kayak trip

We took an "open boat" tour of a luxury moterboat at Roche Harbor. Cramped quarters, but luxurious as it could be made.

At a sculpture garden, Eric made an art project...
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