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Too much!

Bainbridge Island trip, milk carton derby, kayak trip in Lake Washington, Mercer Island parade, Daven birthday party, Kenny visits the emergency room

Barbershop quartet at the Milk Carton Derby The pink float went backwards

An old WWII plane at the Milk Carton Derby This boat looks pretty well made

Kenny playing with Daddy's plane Getting into Bainbridge Island

Eric flys his model plane Kenny running back and forth on a suspension bridge

Throwing rocks in the water Kenny plays air-guitar to Disco music

Beach club on Lake Washington Kenny cleans up

Kenny plays guitar again The Seattle Banjo Club in a parade

Kenny picks up candy at the parade Kenny makes ice cream

Kenny walks in my slippers Playing with a toy at Tom and Barbara's house

Eric puts together a model plane out of foamboard At the Seafair Milk Carton Derby - lots of fun floats

This one went absolutely nowhere

I'll be this one was fast

Playing with Daddy's plane
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