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Fun stuff in June

Cougar Mountain Zoo, Seattle Juggling Festival, Whidbey Island, Bellevue Fire Station

Playing with a marble-drop toy Feeding the deer

Pushing the stroller A unicycle without a seat

These two - a brother/sister duo - are apparently the best club jugglers in the world right now. Contact juggling - I was at a seminar that this guy did, a few years back. Bought the book and a ball, but never practiced enough.

One ball juggling A panorama

Kenny "juggling" clubs Some amazing hackey sack stuff

Kenny riding his tricycle Playing chase in the kitchen with Benji and Marina

Terry building a sand castle for Kenny Eric skipping a rock

A firefighter puts on his protective suit Playing with a marble drop toy with Daddy

At the Cougar Mountain Zoo We tried to get Kenny to put his head in the alligators mouth, but he wouldn't!

They had a large assortment of birds

And you're allowed to feed the deer At the Seattle Juggling Festival, this guy had a very unique (and apparently very difficult to ride) seat-less unicycle.

The motley crowd of jugglers. Strange to remember that I was once very into juggling.

Kenny juggling

And then he wanted to use the club as a toy guitar The Space Needle
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