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May fun

BBQs, playgrounds, grill

Kenny does TeletubbiesFound some fun toys for Kenny

Kenny jumpsKenny pets a puppy

Bouncing on a horse at the playgroundJumping into the beanbag

Playing with a bucket of waterPicking strawberries

Ilana doing stand up comedy at the Folklife FestivalDidn't quite get this show - a black fraternity?

One of the better groups at the Folklife FestivalOn a bed of nails

Throwing rocks at Carkeet parkWalking in the tall grass

Eric grillingPlaying in the new box

Can't put down the new toys for even a secondFound a friendly puppy on a kite-flying outing

With Benji and Marina at the playgroundSplashing on the deck

Daddy makes a house out of the grill box

Picking strawberries in the front yard

At a Mother's and More BBQA picture from Eric's camera phone

Ilana does stand-up comedy at the Folklife Festival
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