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Bainbridge Island

A day trip to Bainbridge Island

Panorama of the Battle Park Playground Walking around a stone starfish

Playing with the tractor Making music on the wood xylophone

Kenny makes sea lion noises Throwing rocks at the beach

Eric and Kenny having fun with rocks at the beach More of Kenny's rock antics

Security was tight on the ferry - strange to see men in black suits with dogs Watching the water go by

Outside it's windy and cold! Practicing going up and down the stairs

Standing at the ferry window The Battle Park playground on Bainbridge Island. This quarter acre was like a playground on steroids! There were all kinds cubbyholes to play hide and seek in, numerous slides and swings, balance toys, musical instruments, towers, tunnels, etc., etc. This spot alone was worth the trip out here!

Earth moving equipment

Little mirrors were hidden everywhere

Lunch at the Bainbridge Baker

Took a drive trying to find Fort Ward State Park, and ended up on this road! Throwing rocks at the beach
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