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Vacuum cleaners, dinner out

Playing with the vacuum cleaner At the Somerset Elementary Playground

Jake visits Kenny gets to play with the drill (no attachments!)

Reading a Curious George book Playing with string and the computer

Hanging around the park near Pike Place Market

Lots of homeless people hang out there too Out for dinner with Steve and Ilana at a Korean grill restaurant

Awwww.... Angela babysat for Kenny

Kenny LOVES vacuum cleaners

Playing with the zylophone Dinner with the Claytons

Kenny has his first lollipop Kenny and a little statue

Finally got the video teleconference working with Eric's parents! Spooky the cat, in "real-time"

Playground at Somerset Elementary School Ready for take off!

Rochelle comes for a visit Jake, our ex-next-door-neighbor, comes for a visit

Climbing the ladder
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