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Fun stuff in January - and we got our new camera! (Canon Powershot SD 300)

Kenny jumps on the beanbag Kenny wears a diaper only

Feeding the ducks Finding a geocache

Running around the kitchen island Playing in the snow

Playing Dance Dance Revolution (I'm better now) Kenny works out

Sea otters at the aquarium Kenny and Rochelle

Kenny and his favorite book Mission Impossible party

Kenny likes the mural his grandmother painted for him. Eric's first try with his model remote controlled plane

Getting ready to feed the ducks at Robinswood park

Doing the Ginko Tree Geocache in downtown Issaquah (this wasn't the real name of the cache, but I don't remember what it was) This is the fruit of the ginko tree - apparently it has an edible nut, though I didn't try it.

On the deck Ilana and I on the deck, trying to look for stars before we get too cold

Reading with Benji and Kenny and Marina Found the cookies!

Giving Benji a hug Getting ready to play in the snow

At the Seattle Aquarium with friends from Peps - Kenny loves the water This was an interesting structure - basically a ring filled with seawater, with lots of jellyfish

Kenny and the shark
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