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Dinarte's birthday bash in Maui, and a side trip to the Big Island

Our room at the Four Seasons Kenny in the pool

Kenny drinking Hula dancers

Dinarte does the hula too Haleakala

Haleakala - base of crater Middle of crater

Eric hiking Base of Halemau trail

Windsurfers at Ho'okipa beach Kenny gets slathered with sunblock

Kilauea crater at Volcanoes National Park Ocean at Volcanoes National Park

Hale'maumau crater Kenny gets a ride

Steam bluffs Steam is hot

Pheasant mating dance Kenny got his very own infant boarding pass on the flight to Honolulu

There's plenty of leg room in first class... We forgot toys for the flight over, so I put some pennies and a flower into a water bottle for Kenny as a rattle.

Tom and Lisa Chuck and Erik

Jonathan and Lucy Sean and Joe

Sylvia, Kenny and Eric Honolulu
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