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Late December

Haircut, Christmas, etc.

Kenny hiding in his box Kenny eats with a spoon!

Kenny gets a ride from Benji and Marina Kenny eating

Johns birthday party Opening up a present

Kenny plays with his train Kenny gets a ride

Terry plays with Kenny Kenny plays with a stick

Kenny's first haircut - I was pretty focused on not cutting his skin with the scissors It turned out pretty well - Eric entertained him while I cut

Jean inside the box with Kenny We've gotten a lot of mileage out of that box!

John's birthday (see also the video). The black eye is a racketball accident. Kenny's little friend from Peps, Emma

At Crossroads with Steve and Ilana and kids Taking the holiday train ride at Redmond Town Center

At the Redmond Town Center playground

A wonderful Xmas brunch with Jean and Kay. Next time we're definately bringing a booster seat! Kenny in the shopping bag

The Parmaceks came over cookies and hot cocoa on Christmas eve. Kenny wanted to do everything Max and Parker did! Opening up Mommy's birthday present

Visiting Dinarte and John on Xmas eve.

John loves little kids! Kenny fell asleep on the way home, so we took the opportunity to put a Santa hat on him!
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