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Housewarming party, Thanksgiving, and various outings

Kenny combs his hairBanging pot lids

Kenny in a boxRachel bouncing the ball for Kenny

Kenny and his new dump truckKenny enjoying a post-Thanksgiving lunch

Practicing stepping upKenny participating in a study at the University of Washington

Kenny checking out the table of goodies, prepped for our housewarming party.Party pictures

Kenny and Eric asleep on the couch, after an early morning wake-up.

At the Pacific Science Center - "and that's a small step for a little boy"Kenny would have loved to touch the "walking stick" insect

...and the butterfly, tooInteresting lenticular cloud next to Mt. Rainier

Fixing the very last pitcher of formula for Kenny - we're switching to milk now!Playing with Daddy

Kenny getting read toAt Crossroads Park

Benji and MarinaFitting into a plastic bin

Kenny's first (of not very many!) trip to McDonalds. We just had to go, after watching Supersize Me.At Newcastle Beach Park. Kenny is very independent, and won't necessarily follow if we walk away
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